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Livestock Feeders

Feeder 4

Model Sizes: 11m3, 22m3


Traditional feeding systems require constant moving of grain to keep up with cattle, Dunstan have the answer. Dunstan Livestock Feeders hold 22m3 or 15 tons enough to allow you to concentrate on managing the cattle and not chasing feeders constantly. You can call a semi in once every 15 days to fill two feeders.

Fill options include OH&S friendly ground level blow-in for specialist feed trucks or 3 porthole design for traditional auger filling. If you've got a Dunstan Chaser Bin this would be ideal for filling the feeders quickly and easily.

Dunstan feeders are proven and used by major cattle producers nationally. Valued for their quality, strength and simplicity more producers are using Dunstan Feeders than ever before.

Talk to the team at Dunstans about your feeders needs today.

Dunstan make the biggest, strongest and best livestock feeders

Standard Specifications

  11m3 22m3
Feed Capacity 5-7 tonnes 14-15t tonnes
Fill 3 x Portholes with ground access and lockout or Blow in feed trucks
Feeder Opening 0.63m (cattle), lower for sheep
Filler Tube 1.40m with cam lock
Floor Angle 33 degrees
Tray Cleaning (for different products) End Covers
Weight 1,335kg 2,135kg
Height 2.5m
Width 3.2m
Length 3.0m 6.0m
Paint 2 Pac
Construction 3mm sheet, with rugged underframe
Drawbar, wheels & axle, parking jack Option Option
Feeder Infeed Extension Option Option
All weather document box Option Option
Fitted Windows Option Option
Custom Colors Option Option

Download your copy of the latest Livestock Feeder specs.

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