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You asked for it and Dunstan have
delivered, the new 45 and 60 ton
chaser bins are ready for production
and will be available for this season.



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At Dunstan, we're committed to
24/7 support and fast parts dispatch
because we understand that idle time
costs money.



Australian Made. World Class.

Fifty years of experience has taught us a thing or two about what makes a bin go the distance.  We have a reputation for making products that provide many years of reliable service based on a tradition of rugged design, high quality material and excellent workmanship.

We focus our energies on the Mother Bin and Chaser Bin products, but our real focus is the client.  We pride ourself on the quality of our product, but when things do go wrong we are always there to fix the issue and get you moving again.  Our customers buy our equipment to make their harvest more efficient.  We understand that and that's why we have a commitment to 24 x 7 service during harvest.

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At Dunstan's we understand that you can't afford to waste time or money waiting around for parts and repair. Our team are committed to fast parts dispatch and 24/7 support during the harvest period. To find ...
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Dunstan smudgers are the result of over 10 years of work to make the best smudger available. To find out more about our top quality smudger, talk to the Dunstan team today.

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Proudly working with Australian farmers for over 50 years.

Built for the future. Designed by history.

No one would have thought that over 50 years ago when Alan Rothacker ordered a mother bin from Four Farmers that it would still be used every harvest until 2018. Fast forward over 50 years and that bin now sits proudly at Dunstan headquarters in Kerang, having been bought at Alan's clearing sale in early 2018.

The number 1 bin is testament to the durability and engineering that goes into every Dunstan bin we make. Nowadays laser cutters have replaced oxy’s, and computer designing and modelling have replaced eye and drawings, but the end result is just the same, a bin that will last you a lifetime. Either a standard design, or a custom built bin to suit your needs exactly, Dunstan are proud of all the bins we make, and we love seeing the orange bins out in the paddock where they belong.

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Dunstan's are committed to ensuring the best service and parts supply for our customers. With a dedicated team, on-farm maintenance and servicing, and a fully stocked spare parts department we are committed to the lifetime support of your Dunstan equipment.